United HeroesEdit

United Heroes is a fictional series about a team of superheroes whose aim is to protect the world. It started in late 2008 and has been carrying on since. The show is rated 12 because it is not as violent or abusive as some shows. At the moment the series is in its 10th season. There are 5 different planets in the United Heroes Multiverse Earth, Da'ar, Asgard, Zephyr and Tantooine, all exept Earth contain a piece of Cytorrak ( a mystical fragment that if someone obtains all 4 pieces, they will have ultimate power). There are quite a few spin-offs from the United Heroes series such as Dragonforce, Mutant X & Captain Cool and Knighthawk.

United Heroes (2008 Series)Edit

United Heroes first started airing in 2008 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, since then it has gained popularity with cataclysmic events in the series such as the death of key characters such as The Traveller. The series has currently had 15 movies, 8 United Heroes, 3 Hero Man, 2 Starblack, 2 Mutant X. There has also been a crossover with similar superhero series Ultra Heroes. The usual series revolves around the protagonist, Hero Man and the 2 deuteragonists Starblack and Captain Cool. The recurring cast (see list of characters) includes Beastclaw, Arachno Man, Tankinator, Dragonforce and many more. The 3 main characters personalities are very different as Hero Man is very neutral whereas Starblack's attitude is more relaxed, which is the complete opposite to Captain Cool who takes a more aggressive approach than the others. The main theme of United Heroes is Super Heroes Vs Super Villains, but there are others such as the continuous relationship between Starblack and Alicia.

Latest activityEdit

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